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Character (0 cards)

    • ·Goro· x1 L

Foundation (42 cards)

    • Hell's Reach x4 S
    • Arranging a Deal x2 L
    • Pursuing a Vendetta x2 L
    • Goro's Victory Pose x1 S
    • Police Connections x1 L
    • Commander of Outworld's Armies x4 S
    • Energy Absorption x4 S
    • Sense of Morals x4 S
    • Hellfire of Despair x4 S
    • Toughest Punk in Junior High x4 S
    • Spiritual Connection x2 S
    • Betrayer of Twelve x2 S
    • Guardian of the Spirit Sword x1 S
    • Cast Away and Forgotten x1 S
    • Shokan Prince x4 L
    • The Dark Side of Karma x1 S
    • Refusing to Let Go x1 L

Attack (15 cards - speed : 3.67 - dmg 4.67)

    • Angel Discus x2 S
    • Nut Kracker x3 S
    • Swallow Your Soul x2 S
    • Pilgrimage of Anthropos x2 S
    • Meifa's Assault x2 L
    • Flight of the Wicked x1 S
    • Wood Man's Leaf Shield x1 L
    • Dark Chireitou x1 S
    • Big Cyclone x1 S

Asset (6 cards)

    • Omega Sword and Elk Shield x2 S
    • Judgment Day x2 S
    • Soul Calibur x1 S
    • Kulutues x1 S

Action (4 cards)

    • STOP! x1 L
    • The Dark Tournament Looms x3 S

Side (0 cards)

this was the last iteration of my goro deck before he got banned for no reason

the guys in Scotland are looking at playing some of the older decks
since we are made of stronger stock and the broken stuff never phased us

so this was the last iteration of goro I had before the pandemic lock-down happened
it won me a handful of events and I wish I took it to worlds in 2020 but I went with the All symbol version that got me 5th at uk nationals in 2019

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/ 2023-02-04 22:09:00

2 deck edits
originally For Chivalry and Honor was a 4 of that would have rotated at some point that year and was replaced with hellfire of despair (ultimately an upgrade on check being bumped to a 5 check having a block)

mortal kombat DLC introduced Spiritual Connection which was just being put in the deck for trials but looked to be a perfect defensive piece(slowing down the opponents turn)

~continuing im going to keep editing this deck as if goro wasn't banned, any other card like shokan prince i will take out and see how i would design the deck for standard in the current landscape

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/ 2023-02-05 12:21:43

so for standard 10 sets im going with league of villains and that goes back to mortal kombat
any set before thats wont be standard legal so will need to take those cards out and see what the deck would look like with the my hero sets

list of cards that will be dropped
2 arranging a deal
2 perusing a vendetta
1 police connections
4 shokan prince (banned)
1 Refusing to let go

2 meifia's assault
1 woodmans leaf sheild

1 stop!

will have to look at replacements for these cards in a following update

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/ 2023-02-05 21:29:30

so managed to get a game a few weeks ago
with this deck against a jedah deck

game was a draw as the store was closing
game one: was dead in 2 turns jedah just got a really good opener and had not enough defense in play for the mega swing

game two: better opener on my part getting shokan prince out and few other cards meant that the game slowed down to a better pace and i just got hit after hit in build more defensive cards and rinse and repeated till i won the game

game three: was going very similar to game two being honest it was fairly on the side of goro for the win but with the store closing and my opponent being my lift home i scooped (hahaha)

going forward im going to make this a video series were i take banned characters and banned cards in general and do a What If?
if nothing got banned what would I do in the current landscape

will still type up games on decks here as i make changes

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/ 2023-03-13 19:59:25
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Deck description changed2023-02-04 22:03:36
1x [Kulutues] added to deck2023-02-04 21:59:17
1x [Soul Calibur] added to deck2023-02-04 21:58:58
2x [Judgment Day] added to deck2023-02-04 21:58:05
2x [Omega Sword and Elk Shield] added to deck2023-02-04 21:57:28
3x [The Dark Tournament Looms] added to deck2023-02-04 21:57:10
1x [STOP!] added to deck2023-02-04 21:56:58
1x [Big Cyclone] added to deck2023-02-04 21:56:12
1x [Dark Chireitou] added to deck2023-02-04 21:55:57
1x [Wood Man's Leaf Shield] added to deck2023-02-04 21:55:24
0x [Flight of the Wicked] removed from deck2023-02-04 21:55:01
1x [Flight of the Wicked] added to deck2023-02-04 21:54:49
2x [Meifa's Assault] added to deck2023-02-04 21:54:36
2x [Pilgrimage of Anthropos] added to deck2023-02-04 21:54:18
2x [Swallow Your Soul] added to deck2023-02-04 21:54:01
3x [Nut Kracker] added to deck2023-02-04 21:53:42
2x [Angel Discus] added to deck2023-02-04 21:53:25
1x [Refusing to Let Go] added to deck2023-02-04 21:51:11
1x [The Dark Side of Karma] added to deck2023-02-04 21:50:56
4x [Shokan Prince] added to deck2023-02-04 21:50:38
1x [Cast Away and Forgotten] added to deck2023-02-04 21:50:07
1x [Guardian of the Spirit Sword] added to deck2023-02-04 21:49:56
2x [Betrayer of Twelve] added to deck2023-02-04 21:49:40
2x [Spiritual Connection] added to deck2023-02-04 21:49:25
4x [Toughest Punk in Junior High] added to deck2023-02-04 21:48:49
4x [Hellfire of Despair] added to deck2023-02-04 21:48:31
4x [Sense of Morals] added to deck2023-02-04 21:48:07
4x [Energy Absorption] added to deck2023-02-04 21:47:44
4x [Commander of Outworld's Armies] added to deck2023-02-04 21:47:28
1x [Police Connections] added to deck2023-02-04 21:46:21
1x [Goro's Victory Pose] added to deck2023-02-04 21:46:18
2x [Pursuing a Vendetta] added to deck2023-02-04 21:45:53
2x [Arranging a Deal] added to deck2023-02-04 21:45:44
4x [Hell's Reach] added to deck2023-02-04 21:44:45
1x [·Goro·] added to deck2023-02-04 21:44:28
Deck Stability (the higher, the better) : 2

Overall Stats

Number of cards Cards with block Average block modifier Average difficulty Average control
Total 67 57 2.32 2.3 4.6
Attack 15 15 2.2 4.33 2.93
Foundation 42 32 2.53 1.81 5.07
Asset 6 6 1.5 1.67 5.33
Action 4 4 2.25 0.75 4.75
Character 0 0 - - -


Total Average Block Modifier 0
High 7 2.14 0
Mid 31 2.32 0
Low 19 2.37 0

Risks of commiting X foundations

Difficulty / Commited fundation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
2 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
3 98.51% 1.49% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
4 77.61% 20.9% 1.49% 0% 0% 0% 0%
5 76.12% 1.49% 20.9% 1.49% 0% 0% 0%
6 7.46% 68.66% 1.49% 20.9% 1.49% 0% 0%
7 0% 7.46% 68.66% 1.49% 20.9% 1.49% 0%
8 0% 0% 7.46% 68.66% 1.49% 20.9% 1.49%
9 0% 0% 0% 7.46% 68.66% 1.49% 20.9%